Problems of the locked door! Finally answered!

Oh I am out! Oops!

Often than not, we leave the keys up in the door and just carry on with our work. Nothing bad I say. We all do it. But can you guess when the real trouble starts? It’s when the wind blows the door shut or when your kid and the dog decide to play the ‘lock the parents out’ game. Yup, You are not alone. By some estimates, such episodes occur on an average of over 300 times a day. But to look at the bright side you’ll have a handy locksmith by your side who will be able to open the door without damaging the lock.

In some cases, you can open the door yourself simply by a mere piece of plastic. The plastic will push the latch bolt back into the body of the lock, thus freeing the door open.

But even though the ‘Tom Cruise’ in you wants to stylishly swipe it open, it’s not that easy!

Missing objects- keys needed.

People have different styles of shutting doors. Some simply shut it and some (the extra precautions types) turn the keys repeatedly to have a secure lock system at work.

But the problem is when your keys go missing or it gets stolen. If the door is securely locked, it is very difficult to free it with the simple plastic technique.

Then the locksmith will have to pick the door or drill the deadlocks on that door open. If he drills them open, there is a big chance that you will have to replace the lock. But it’s better than staying locked out of your house all day.

It’s stuck!

Many a time, we have our keys jammed into the lock and it refuses to come out. Sometime you wish that you could turn into Superman and plunk it out with all your energy. But many a time, these are basic issues like:

  • It’s the neighbor’s key.
  • The lock’s out of lubrication.
  • The door is binding, thus preventing the key from turning.
  • In the case of a Yale style lock, the button (snib) on the inside could be in the wrong position, thus locking the lock completely.
  • Maybe it’s plain bad luck.

A more serious reason could be that a burglar jammed the locks. I know it doesn’t make sense. But the main idea here is that he gets more time to flee as compared to you catching him in the act.

Wanted – New Locks!

An ad that is always put up when the keys are jammed or simply missing or swallowed up by the dog.

But before you buy them, make sure that both the locks are identical. The differences in the key are implied. But if one is not careful with these conditions, than solving the problem definitely locks your brain out.

So we advice that a locksmith should be brought on board because he will normally win hands down.

We know that locksmith’s can be a very heavy on the pockets , but it’s better than you have to pull the door of its hinges every time you come in or go out of the house. So to keep your house more functional, go with the professionals. Hire a locksmith!

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